Tips for Using EITC Customizable Products

New Users: create an account

  1. Enter first and last name, your email address and create a password.
  2. Your email address becomes your user name.
  3. Your password must have at least 8 characters, at least one number, one capital letter, and a special symbol, such as *, $, %, &.
  4. You need to complete a Captcha to create an account. This ensures you are a person creating the account and not a computer robot.

Returning users: login

  • If your password doesn’t fit the new rules, we will prompt you to create a new password.
  • Forgot your password; use the automatic reset. We send you an email with a special link to reset your password. The email comes from the mailbox. Make sure you set your junk or spam filters to accept emails from the domain.
  • If you have problems resetting your password, contact us.

View the catalog

  • Sort the available products by size and format
  • You can customize, preview the product and create an order
  • Choosing create an order will send the product to IRS for approval

Fields to customize

  • We provide the following fields and allow a set number of characters for each field based on the size of the product
  • Feel free to put specific information in any of the fields, such as,
    • detailed hours that run over into the website field
    • Call for appointment and contact number rather than hours available
    • For the website address field, put: Make appts online at
    • But follow the logo guidelines to make sure we can approve

What happens after I create an order?

  • We send you an email from the eitc.program mailbox saying the ad is approved.

    • Log back into EITC Customizable Products and select “View Your Orders.” You can choose to download the product and print it yourself, bring it to a local printer or find an online publisher.
    • If you want to edit the product, you can choose duplicate and start from your approved product to create a new version
  • We send you an email that the product is not approved
    • Log back into EITC Customizable Products and select “View Your Orders.”
    • Choose details to find out why the product was not approved
    • You can enter a comment if we have a question about the product or want to provide us with more information
    • You can edit the product and then resubmit for approval by choosing to create an order  

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